Continuous evolution, long term success…


Nature shows us now for a good 3.5 billion years that to win, you must continually evolve, adapt and innovate.

And principles that Charles Darwin formulated following the HMS Beagle trips are also applicable to businesses and organisations.

ALKANO is an implementation consultancy and management support organisation with expertise in assisting and underpinning the changes and adaptations desired by our clients.

These clients have trusted us…

Who are we?

We are experienced senior managers and consultants, now putting the experience acquired in larger enterprises at the disposal of SME’s.

What do we do?

We help organizations and managers to change, to work differently, to win.

What is our approach?

With our toolbox and our "light" approach, we can help craft solutions to achieve and maintain the targeted benefits.

To whom do we address ourselves?

Our partners are decision makers who wish to change the "status quo".

Where are we based?

ALKANO is based in Geneva, and targets primarily companies in Switzerland and Western Europe.